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Seewhatimsaying™, a social statement apparel company based in Fremont, California, focuses on educational clothing design and products promoting positive social awareness through urban slogans.

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Seewhatimsaying T-Shirts
You know how people think things and don't say them? Well, our company thinks them and displays them on the front of our T-shirts.

You can only find our gospel-based T-shirts here on our site. They're not available anywhere else. For millions of Americans who are in school, into fitness, or in faith-based organizations, our slogans are a popular way to communicate true and inspiring messages by way of advertising on shirts and promotional items. 

The History of Seewhatimsaying
Our business is new, but our 20 years of experience has prepared us well for success, and our faith and convictions inspire us.

Positive Social Awareness Through Urban Slogans

The designs bring a true message that will enlighten, open the eyes, and minds of all who read them. The messages on the shirts are to raise the consciousness of all who need support to choose a favorable direction, and the cause and effect of winning/losing and conquering fears. SeeWhatimSaying.net brings it real.


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